Music by Mary Jane Ballou

Mary Jane Ballou is the founding director of Cantorae St. Augustine and an expert on sacred music and Gregorian chant, with a doctorate in sacred music.  A resource for choirs and singers looking to expand their horizons.  An engaging and experienced director, workshop leader, and performer.  A writer, blogger, and researcher on the world of a cappella sacred music in the Western and Eastern churches.  A freelance harpist specializing in Renaissance and Celtic music for concerts and special programming and producer of albums for harp. Her arrangements of music for harp and for a cappella women’s voices will soon be available on this site as well.

As a performing musician, Dr. Ballou presents programs that weave the music of Spain, the New World, and the Celts into stories of love, faith, and courage – with a good dose of humor thrown in.  She has produced two CDs of harp music and regularly appears in concert and festival settings in northeast Florida.  Recent concerts included “The Colonial Harpist” and “Irish in a Spanish Town,” which reflect the diversity of early Spanish Florida.

Guerrero "Pater Noster" by Mignarda

A very lovely performance by this duo.  You can find more on YouTube at lutesongs.  And of course, you can buy their music!
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Five Years From Now - Thinking about your future

One of the most dreaded interview questions has to be “Where do you see yourself five years from now?”  I always wanted to crawl under the chair when they asked that.  What’s the right answer?  “Anywhere but here?”  Probably too snarky.  “A leading contributor to my field and a valued asset to this organization?”  Sounds […]
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