A Bright Moment in Sad Times – And Another Blog to Explore

Texarkana We were all in Texarkana, Arkansas/Texas last week for my mother's burial. It was bleak, cold, and quite obviously a difficult time for family members who had to gather from all over the country. 

However, we did have the pleasure of meeting John Arnold, the co-pastor with his wife of the First Presbyterian Church, who gave us a wonderful burial service.  He's also a great blogger. 

The Practical Disciple is definitely worth a visit.  "What!," you squawk, "a Presbyterian?" Put your prejudices aside and take a look. You might be surprised. 

One more thought – if there's someone you've been meaning to call or something you've been wanting to tell someone, do it now. Right now! 

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Mary Jane Ballou’s life in sacred music began in a children’s choir at the age of three. Instrumental music waited until her piano lessons started in primary school. And her music life remains a joyous pairing of sacred vocal music and the instrumental repertoire of Spain, Ireland, and Scotland.

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