A most miscellaneous weekend – and most enjoyable

This weekend started off with a brief foray to the Cathedral Parish Festival – packed with eager children and excitable adolescents. 

Menendez gala Saturday evening saw me decked out in Renaissance splendor and playing in the lobby of the Lightner Museum as guests arrived for the annual Menendez Gala.  Super place to play because it's nothing but hard surfaces with a gorgeous mosaic floor.  After the guests hustled up to the drinks and appetizers, a move to the lower level was effected and I joined James and Sylvia Kalal and Bill McCarthy for more music and to accompany the reenacting banqueters (not to be confused with the folks now eating their suppers) as they performed the Pavan.

Today it was up to Jacksonville to St. Paul's Riverside – interior designed by Hugo Olms in the early mid-20th century, followed by a fantastic lunch at 'Town – mussels in garlic and a potato, onion and boudin blanc sausage hash to die for.



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