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Best Thing to do in Group Meetings? Listen!




The following is taken from “The Wisdom of Group Deicision by Craig Freshly via the Co-Housing Newsletter (and no I don’t live in a co-housing community, I’ve just gotten the newsletter since forever). What do to when someone else in the meeting is talking:

“Bite your tongue. Cool your jets. To listen, do not talk. Do not be distracted by planning your talk. If I let you talk first while I listen, it gives me some practical advantages. First, to hear where you are coming from helps me choose my words. You have likely provided me some new information that I can incorporate. Second, once you have your words out you are more likely to be open to hearing mine.”

I think this applies in any group situation – business, church, community or arts organization.  Just listen. And I think the group can be as small as two.  This quote came by chance as I’m getting ready for a group meeting.  I think I’ll stick a copy in my notebook – after I tape my mouth shut!