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Musical Malaise in Italy

Canto_in_chiesa,Taccuino_Sani Fr. Mark Daniel Kirby, OSB is travelling in Italy and filed this report on music at several Masses.  He also proposed suggestions for reforms.  While he's more of a "strict constructionist" than I in terms of musical style, I think it's definitely worth a read.

And it's worth remembering, in our self-pitying moments, that the malaise of sentimental, pop-themed music is worldwide.  (Remember also in your prayers all those working for a cure.)

Considering the Good, the Beautiful, the True, and the Pure

Monk_Contemplation This is taken from a longer essay by Fr. Mark Daniel Kirby, OSB over at Vultus Christ.

This evening we had a splendid Vespers at the beautiful Cathedral-Basilica of St. Augustine to welcome our new Bishop. All that beauty – sonic, visual, literary (for the Psalms are great poems) – and then I came across this bit (while looking for something else, of course).

If it is true, let us choose our contemplations carefully.


We Become What We Contemplate

Philosophers, psychologists and saints agree that we become what we contemplate. Look at goodness and you will become good. Look at beauty and you will become beautiful. Look at truth and you will become true. Look at purity and you will become pure. Saint Clare of Assisi, herself so marked by Gospel of Saint Luke, wrote to Agnes of Prague: “Gaze upon Him, consider Him, contemplate Him, as you desire to imitate Him” (Second Letter to Agnes of Prague).


This is one of my specialties.  And imagine!  Someone made an entertaining video about all the things I find to do instead of doing what needs doing.

And of course, you can procrastinate by watching this, but it's really quite entertaining.  Thanks to the ToDo Institute for the link.


Never Let Me Go – The Film

Never let me go This is not a cheerful movie.  The film adaptation of Kazuo Ishiguro's novel, set somewhere in late 20th-century England, is faithful to the book and beautiful.  It is also extraordinarily sad.  The film score by Rachel Portman is superb, as is the cinematography.

Both the book and the film are worth your time.  And you'll think about them long afterwards.  I won't tell you the plot, but you can certainly find it elsewhere on line. 

I saw this with a friend at a mega-plex in Jacksonville.  There were a grand total of three viewers in the theatre.  Everyone else was watching Jackass in 3D and an array of chick flicks. Consequently, if this does come to a theatre anywhere near you and you're interested, don't wait because it probably won't last long. 

Passion and Beauty – “Seamless” and “Every Little Step”

Seamless "Seamless" and "Every Little Step" are documentaries that tell the viewer a great deal about passion and beauty.  "Seamless" is about the Vogue competition for rising haute couture designers. 

"Every Little Step" chronicles the auditions for a revival of Michael Bennett's "Chorus Line."  Many people think that both high fashion and Broadway are pretty useless.  I think they're pretty amazing.

These are documentaries about dreams and drive, about the most beautiful fabrics and draping, about the energy and control of great dance and the guts of strong singing and acting.  And all about passion and beauty, about high goals and big disappointments, and the toughness that keeps artists moving forward.

Whatever you do, if you need to catch some courage and energy, watch these films.  And yeah, they're both on Netflix.Every little step