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Requiem pour une américane à Paris for Organ and Trumpet

Richard J. Clark

Previewing a remarkable composition for organ and trumpet by Boston-based composer Richard J. Clark.  Seven movements based on the Gregorian chant propers for the requiem mass, performed by the composer on the organ and Richard A. Kelley, trumpet.  Learn more about the composer at

I’m not a big fan of modern organ compositions, many of which sound like something is dreadfully wrong with the instrument or that the performer is having a medical emergency.  This is different – just the right combination of tonality and dissonance.  The mix of organ and trumpet is well balanced.  In short, Clark nails it.

Thoughtful, enjoyable, and most excellently performed.  Definitely going into the rotation for The Classical Fan Club (every Thursday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on WFCF Flagler College Radio, an iHeart radio station).

Music Wednesday – Anderson & Roe and The Earl King

Schubert’s Der ErlKonig scared me to death as a child in an elementary school music class. And the accompaniment is a beast to play.
Duo pianists Anderson & Roe take this piece right where it belongs – and filmed in the Steinway factory as well. Who says classical music can’t knock your socks off!  Thanks to David Cutler at The Savvy Musician for cluing me in to this.

Pet Peeve #319 – UK Radio Licensing Laws and Howard Goodall

Peeved cat Classic FM is one of the best commercial classical radio stations in the world.  Unfortunately, unless you're in the UK you can't listen to it on your computer because of the insane licensing laws.

Every now and then, the system breaks down and magically you can connect.  That's how I know what a wonderful station it is.  Great programming, interesting music (which I often buy at exorbitant import prices from Amazon UK and other dealers) – no matter.  Then the wall goes up again.

This remains a persistent pet peeve because Classic FM happily sends me its newsletter by email – telling me about all the great things I'm missing.  Thanks, guys!

Howard Goodall has been their composer in residence for nearly two years.  And yes, he has a new album coming out with the women's ensemble Enchanted Voices on May 10, 2010.  Well, thank goodness that Amazon UK has the video about the new album on their website because Classic FM wouldn't even let me listen to the sample tracks.

Go here to enjoy the video and that lovely contemporary style favored by English composers with a tonal frame of reference.