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All the Saints of Paris

This charming video from the Fraternities Monastiques de Jerusalem is a Paris-specific litany of the saints, accompanied by architecture, stained glass, and other splendors.  Enjoy it as a “warm-up” to the Solemnity of All Saints tomorrow.  And why not be a saint yourself?  Or at least enjoy the riches of FMJweb. Born out of the tumult of the late 60’s, the Fraternity has always appreciated and exercised the attractive power of beauty in music and art.  Deo gratias!

Cimbalom Playing at a Paprika Festival

Sometimes you just need to lighten up.  And what better way than listening to music at a Paprika Festival.  You have to hang in there until the cimbalom player strolls in, sits down, and starts wailing away on his instrument.  There’s a charming casual air to the video since everyone keeps walking in from on the camera, carrying little cups of who-knows-what.

The cimbalom is the distinguished European ancestor of my hammered dulcimer, even if it rather looks like a piano with the top removed and features dampers.

You’ll have to go find your own goulash to accompany the music!  Or plan on getting to the next festival.

Sponsor a Song!

Ted Yoder, the national champion on the hammered dulcimer, is putting together a new CD.  Here’s your chance to be part of the action.  A $10 contribution makes you a “song sponsor.” I picked his arrangement of Rainbow Connection in honor of Jim Henson and all the early Muppet moments.  If you go to Ted’s website, you can learn more and become a patron of the arts at a very reasonable cost (although I’m sure he’ll be happy for more).  And here’s the rough video of Kermit’s song: