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A Lovely Life of the Virgin

"Magnificat"is a digital book that features the chapter house paintings of the old Stanbrook Abbey.  Both the paintings and the text are exquisite.  No – you'll have to go to the site to see the book.  Besides, I don't want to "preview" its beauty.

I know you will enjoy "paging" through it now – and you'll certainly want to come back during Mary's month of May to treat yourself again.

My thanks to Dame Catherine Wybourne.  You might want to pay a visit to the Benedictine nuns at East Hendred and learn more about them.

East hendred

Classical Fan Club Back on the Internet!

Radio mic I am thrilled to announce that my radio show is back on the Internet, streaming live every Friday 1-3 p.m. (Eastern Time) from the studio of Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida.  (We stopped streaming last year under the threat of burdensom reporting and royalty requirements.  The issues have been resolved. Hurray!)

The Classical Fan Club is an eclectic mix of early, sacred, and contemporary music – with a leaning toward chant, Eastern European, and a cappella.  I only play about one symphony per annum.

In addition to great music, you get judicious doses of lively historical facts, tidbits about favorite composers and performers. 

Tune in at Flagler College Radio - it's "Radio with a Reason."  Join me every Friday from 1-3 p.m.  I'll expect you at the meeting!

A Pitch for Pray-As-You-Go

Pray-as-you-go Something reminded me of this useful mp3 program done by Jesuit Media Initiatives in Britain.  The meditations are brief, tied to the readings and/or feast of the day, and feature a variety of sacred music.

I enjoy them because they're not overly "churchy."  Not too pious or stern.  More like a nudge in a particular direction of thought.  Oh yes, there's a fair amount of chant – and some interesting current works as well in the music line.

While they're aimed at commuters, you can listen to them sitting on your sofa or talking a walk around the neighborhood. No one will tell.

Why not check it out?

Surplus Books from the Mepkin Abbey Library on Sale at Amazon

Like to buy religious books?  Like to help monasteries?  You can do both by shopping here.  These are duplicates and deaccessioned titles.

Mepkin Abbey is one of the loveliest places in the world.  You can learn more about this treasure on the banks of the Cooper River in South Carolina, by visiting the abbey's website.


Need a Laugh?


These are stressful times for many.  Projects cave in.  Gigs slow.  Customers appear to have been abducted by space aliens.

Need to lighten up?

Remember The Onion.  Put it on your fast links and take a two-minute break watching a parody newscast or reading a pretend news article.

Then you can go back to prospecting for clients, re-doing a demo CD, and signaling with a flashlight for the flying saucer to bring your customers back.

Brief Technology Rant

Grapefruit_photo03 Just a tiny rant!  I promise.  Facebook is having a "I don't recognize your password" day.  Way too much time sucked up by myspace last night updating my musician's page.  Windows does updates that foul things up. 

At the moment, my iPhone is working – but I'm afraid to check that or plug in my amplifiers.

When “reading” meant “reading out loud”

Reading nun From Chapter 48 of the Rule of St. Benedict:

After the sixth hour,
having left the table,
let them rest on their beds in perfect silence;
or if anyone may perhaps want to read,
let her read to herself
in such a way as not to disturb anyone else.

(This particular online Benedictine update alternates the texts between monks and nuns, using female pronouns, etc. for the even-numbered chapters.)