Catholicism – What You See vs. What You Get


Catholicism Trailer from Nancy Ross on Vimeo.

However, consider the radical disconnect between what you see in this trailer and what's happening at the typical "Ground Zero" of your American Catholic parish.  Art, beauty, mystery, music?  'Fraid not. While there are wonderful exceptions, many parochial liturgies are a community group meeting with some odd tidbits of vestments, campfire songs, and a motivational lecture in an ambiance similar to a fixed-seating auditorium. It both breaks my heart and strengthens my resolve.

Yes, I know we can't have the glories of Byzantium and Chartres in South Sandusky, Ohio. But we need to find the beauty we can achieve. Yes, I know churches are being redesigned, music redirected, vestments and ritual practice restored.  But think of the shock to the potential convert (or uncatechized "Catholic by tribe") who is thrilled by a series such as this and calls the rectory (oops, church office) about exploring this marvelous adventure further – or wanders into the nearest Catholic church on a Sunday morning.

(Thanks to Domenic Bettinelli of Bettnet for the heads-up on the program.)

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One thought on “Catholicism – What You See vs. What You Get

  1. Amy

    One of the projects of Michael’s that I am picking up is the beginnings of his efforts working with young adults in the area, particularly a group from Samford, the Baptist college in the area. Someone who is Catholic and works there had started corresponding with him about what to do with the surprising number of students – Baptist – who, through their studies, are having their eyes opened to the Catholic Church. She just could not figure out where to direct them – where would they have their serious questions answered in a serious way, where would they be able to encounter the Catholicism they are reading about in books?

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