Compline Resource from Fr. Samuel Weber, OSB

Compline2 The tireless Fr. Weber has produced a very nice volume for those wishing to sing Compline (or Night Prayer, as it is often called) in the revised Liturgy of the Hours.  Ignatius Press is the publisher.  And thanks are due to both the author and the publisher.

Compline is easy, lovely, and not very long (for those allergic to long prayers).  We sing it several times a year in our Cathedral after major civic events, the cathedral being located right on St. Augustine's Plaza.  The changing texts are easy to handle and it is a beautiful way to shift from evening to night.

And no, you don't have to wait until right before bed to sing it.  Sing it in English or sing it in Latin.  Don't worry – God understands both.

I prefer the traditional structure of Compline because 99% of the material remained unchanging throughout the year, with the only changes happening during the Triduum and the addition of Alleluias during Eastertide.  It meant that the hour could be easily memorized – and everyone who knows me knows I'm mad for memory.

Anyway – check this out.  Buy a copy and encourage the publisher.  Buy several and dragoon your friends into a weekly (or more often) Compline. 

I bet you'll sleep better if you do!

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