Foods for the Season

As we draw towards Easter, it’s time to do some shopping and lay in supplies. On the Fifth Sunday in Lent, it was the custom in England to eat carling peas (pigeon peas/black-eyed peas).  On Palm Sunday, it was figs. 

I learned this today, wandering around the Internet for material for my church bulletin column.  If you like strange (and marginally useful) history and ideas for religious holidays, I can’t recommend Catholic Culture highly enough. Everything from prayers to history to recipes.  A worthy cause – and did I forget to mention that they’re having a fund drive?

We find a wealth of information on the Internet and 99.9% of it is free.  But someone is doing the work, buying the server space, and then letting us come in and feast.  Think of a site that’s done a lot for you – and throw a little cash their way.  Buy a product, book, CD, or make a donation.

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