Improving One Art Form By Learning From Another

Anyone who lived through the 60's and 70's may have been afflicted by a bad mime.  San Francisco was particularly full of wanna-ba Marcel Marceaus.  They made me cringe. 

This will change your mind about real mime art.

Here is a segment by the late Tony Montanaro on how to mime a tug-of-war.  Watching this superb performance while hearing it broken into components gives me a way to think about my own music – isolating the different components, bringing them together, communicating the whole.  Enjoy the magic.

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About Mary Jane Ballou

Mary Jane Ballou’s life in sacred music began in a children’s choir at the age of three. Instrumental music waited until her piano lessons started in primary school. And her music life remains a joyous pairing of sacred vocal music and the instrumental repertoire of Spain, Ireland, and Scotland.

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