A Message from a Button?

When I was growing up (and then some), I was always on the look-out for omens.  Seeing a particular kind of bird, being struck with the way autumn light looked on a wall, finding money on the sidewalk – you name it, I thought it might mean more than it seemed.

I thought I’d completely outgrown this.  However, I was recently mending a pair of hiking pants, sewing back on an errant button.  Then I saw the message: “Face The North.”  Oh my goodness, I thought of realigning with my true self, finding the pole star of my life, regaining true purpose and strength. There was great truth being communicated to yours truly by a simple button.

Then I noticed the label on the pants: The North Face.  Dang! It wasn’t a message at all; just me reading a noun as a verb.

But it was great while it lasted!

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About Mary Jane Ballou

Mary Jane Ballou’s life in sacred music began in a children’s choir at the age of three. Instrumental music waited until her piano lessons started in primary school. And her music life remains a joyous pairing of sacred vocal music and the instrumental repertoire of Spain, Ireland, and Scotland.

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