Mysterious Epiphany Traditions

I’m researching tomorrow’s radio show and find much more than the usual chalk over the doorway and kings leaving sweets. 

In Latvia, if a dog was heard barking on Epiphany one ought to look for his or her future spouse in that same direction.  And clear starry skies meant a fine harvest in the coming summer.

Sounds good to me.  The question is “Do these traditions apply beyond national boundaries?”  I always hope so because I like to collect the ones that suit me.

(And in case you’re wondering, I’ve given the Peeve of Transferred Holy Days an extra treat so she won’t disturb my entire menagerie of grievances.  Darn it, Epiphany is supposed to be 12 days after Christmas.)

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Mary Jane Ballou’s life in sacred music began in a children’s choir at the age of three. Instrumental music waited until her piano lessons started in primary school. And her music life remains a joyous pairing of sacred vocal music and the instrumental repertoire of Spain, Ireland, and Scotland.

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