Never Let Me Go – The Film

Never let me go This is not a cheerful movie.  The film adaptation of Kazuo Ishiguro's novel, set somewhere in late 20th-century England, is faithful to the book and beautiful.  It is also extraordinarily sad.  The film score by Rachel Portman is superb, as is the cinematography.

Both the book and the film are worth your time.  And you'll think about them long afterwards.  I won't tell you the plot, but you can certainly find it elsewhere on line. 

I saw this with a friend at a mega-plex in Jacksonville.  There were a grand total of three viewers in the theatre.  Everyone else was watching Jackass in 3D and an array of chick flicks. Consequently, if this does come to a theatre anywhere near you and you're interested, don't wait because it probably won't last long. 

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