On the New Pope Francis

Like many, I have been astonished at the vitriolic diatribes that poured forth after the Pope’s election.  I wonder how many people who might have been interested in the Extraordinary Form of the Mass have had that interest extinguished.  How many pastors and priests have thought, “Gee, I sure hope I don’t run into those folks.”  And how many with an interest and knowledge of more traditional liturgical music, art, and architecture will find themselves dismissed out of hand as “probably pretty unpleasant crazies.”

Thanks so much, guys!  I miss Pope Benedict XVI too, but acting like hysterical children won’t bring him back.  Or advance the cause of true liturgical restoration.

May God grant the Holy Father all the blessings and strength he will need to rebuild the Church!

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One thought on “On the New Pope Francis

  1. Inge

    I am a new Catholic who initially had a lot of interest in attending Extraordinary Form Masses and started to wear a mantilla. After noticing how elitist some people were, I ran of and made sure to stop wearing my mantilla. In my neck of the woods, wearing a mantilla equals being borderline FSSPX.

    Thanks a lot, indeed. But there’s no way I will ever try to mingle in traditionalist circles. I learned my lesson. Back to the middle I am.

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