Passion and Beauty – “Seamless” and “Every Little Step”

Seamless "Seamless" and "Every Little Step" are documentaries that tell the viewer a great deal about passion and beauty.  "Seamless" is about the Vogue competition for rising haute couture designers. 

"Every Little Step" chronicles the auditions for a revival of Michael Bennett's "Chorus Line."  Many people think that both high fashion and Broadway are pretty useless.  I think they're pretty amazing.

These are documentaries about dreams and drive, about the most beautiful fabrics and draping, about the energy and control of great dance and the guts of strong singing and acting.  And all about passion and beauty, about high goals and big disappointments, and the toughness that keeps artists moving forward.

Whatever you do, if you need to catch some courage and energy, watch these films.  And yeah, they're both on Netflix.Every little step

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