Mary Jane Ballou performing in St. Augustine, Florida


As a performing musician, Dr. Ballou presents programs that weave the music of Spain, the New World, and the Celts into stories of love, faith, and courage – with a good dose of humor thrown in. Here is a brief list of concerts and programs that Mary Jane can bring to your event:

Ladies of the Islands
Celtic music about beautiful maidens, handsome soldiers, and wandering in the morning dew

The Colonial Harpist
an array of music from St. Augustine’s 250 years of Spanish and English Colonial history

Sacred & Sweet
music from the Ireland and the mountains of the South

Carolan’s Dream
melodies of Turlough O’Carolan, Ireland’s greatest harper, told with the story of his life and times.

Irish in a Spanish Town
two lives, two continents. Turlough O’Carolan and Fr. Miguel O’Reilly – one, a great bard; the other, a teacher and priest in colonial St. Augustine.

Courtly Evenings
the dances and melodies that charmed the Renaissance courts of Spain and England.

For the Christmas Season
At Midnight in Bethlehem – uncommon carols from around the world to celebrate that magical night.

Cantorae St. Augustine
Under Mary Jane Ballou’s direction, Cantorae St. Augustine performs a diverse range of sacred music from 10th century Gregorian chant to 21st century settings of ancient texts.

Find out more about Cantorae St. Augustine.

Weddings and Other Celebrations
Mary Jane is available to perform at weddings and other celebrations that are either Renaissance or Celtic/Classical themed. If you love Renaissance Faires, Pride and Prejudice, or sweet Irish tunes, I can fashion the perfect music for your wedding.

View Mary Jane’s sample music repertoire here.

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