Pet Peeve Awakens

Corpus in england This afternoon while contemplating some thriving succulents in the garden, I heard a gentle grousing in my Menagerie of Pet Peeves.  As the wonderful Feast of Corpus Christi approaches, the peeve of Date Changing awakens once again.  (She seems to have slept through Ascension Thursday/Sunday this year.)

Think of the impact on spectators, if a marvelous procession of our most "over the top" doctrine – the Real Presence erupted from the churches onto the everyday streets!  Knights of Columbus with plumes and swords, little girls in white with wings and rose petals, a singing and tuneful choir, judicious use of brass instruments, stational stops for Benediction. 

What would people think?  What might they ask?  What would we answer?

(Don't worry, folks.  We'll reserve our pieties for the traditional day of the week. Almost everywhere, we promise to keep our extravagence in check by staying on church property.)  

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One thought on “Pet Peeve Awakens

  1. G

    Every year at my last job, starting in about January, “How about a Corpus Christi procession?”
    “Great idea, G, now, about that parish fund raiser…”
    “How about a Corpus Christi procession?”
    “Great idea, G, maybe next year…”
    “How about a Corpus Christi procession?”
    “Great idea, G, but just now, let’s talk about summer Bible camp…”
    “How about a Corpus Christi procession?”
    “Great idea, G, now let’s discuss next winter’s festival….”
    This year there won’t even be a choir, I imagine the congregation will “come to tell their story…” and at least there won’t be complaints about “that Latin thing you stuck in before the Gospel.”
    St John Cantius, refers to Sunday as “External Solemnity of Corpus Christi,” can I assume that in the old calendar it does not get shoved to the weekend?
    (Save the Liturgy, Save the World)

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