Random Thoughts on food and festivals

Pierogi Last evening I saw a television show that included hordes of people eating pierogis in Whiting, Indiana.  I think I actually know someone who lives there – and she never mentioned the pierogis.  Some friend!

I wonder if there's a piroshki festival somewhere.

Florida is full of fruit and vegetable festivals – strawberries have two – Plant City and Starke.  Chiefland and Newberry both have watermelons.  Windsor has zucchini.  Dade City has kumquats.  There's a peanut festival in Levy County and somewhere there's a fresh corn wing-ding as well.  And I almost forgot the Bostwick Blueberry Festival – one day only and specializing in a blueberry pancake breakfast.

Now I take another sip of Diet Coke.

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4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on food and festivals

  1. AOZ

    If you’re lucky enough to visit southeastern Alabama in October, make sure you make time for the Loachapoka Syrup Soppin’. Sorgum, not maple, for anyone who might be confused.
    Get there early enough, and you might could even get yourself some of them sweet potato biscuits with ham.
    Goodness, I love the South.

  2. gere

    Mea culpa…
    But the highlight of the festival for me is actually this “Cajun” food vendor, who, besides ‘gator, offer a a highly seasoned pork tenderloin the size of your head.
    Or my head, which might be a touch bigger.
    All right, AOZ, beaten biscuits I know and love, and sweet potato pie I know and love — but sweet potato biscuits?
    I may have to go lie down, I feel the vapors….
    (Save the Liturgy, Save the World)
    p.s. I just remembered, isn’t there a Sweet Corn Festival up the road from you, MJ?

  3. mjballou

    The sweet corn festival is in Zellwood, I believe. I’m sure there’s a comprehensive calendar somewhere – when we are very, very old, we will have time to go to them all. Of course, we won’t have any teeth and our digestion will have become delicate.
    Heck, better go to these now! And work when our teeth have fallen out.

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