Remember the Peasants!

Peasants The new Bishop of St. Augustine will be installed this week.  On Wednesday evening, there will be a Vespers at the Cathedral-Basilica and on Thursday afternoon, the installation Mass at a large church in Jacksonville.

Obviously, most of us won't be in either building.  We have been warned sternly by the powers that be not to even think we'd have a chance of getting in if we showed up.  However, I plan to be in the Plaza at St. Augustine to watch the bishop arrive, knock on the door with a mallet and enter.  That watching from the street is the laudable role of the peasants.

And I hope lots of other faithful are there as well!  He will be the ruler, teacher, and shepherd to this diocese for many years (God willing!).  If it were up to me, we would be lining the streets with cheering Catholics.  Not only would it show our new bishop that we welcome him, it would show everyone else that we take our faith seriously.

The peasants never expected to enter the cathedral or dine at the king's table, but they certainly wanted to see him when he came to town.

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