Strange But True – Odd Movie Trailers

Went to see "An American Carol" the other evening. Because I like comedies and am hopelessly politically incorrect, I enjoyed the film.  (Even if the mega-plex put it in the smallest theatre in the complex.)  The puzzlement was the choice of trailers.  (When we began calling previews "trailers" I don't know, but I bow to the popular usage.)

Okay, "An American Carol"  is a movie satirizing Michael Moore.  I expect trailers that were either comedies or vaguely patriotic.  Nope.  We got – Oliver Stone's upcoming film about George W. Bush, a movie about Harvey Milk, the famous San Francisco gay activist, a cinematic version of "Doubt," a play about clerical sex abuse and nuns, and something else I can't remember right now.  Huh?  We all just sat quietly and waited for the movie to start.

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