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Sacred Architecture Journal

If you’re interested in beauty, art, history, religion, or liturgy, you can’t not read this journal!  (I love that double negative construction I just used.)  Sacred Architecture is a fantastic read – at times heartening, at times sobering – and always intriguing.  Articles are accessible to the non-specialist and very well-referenced for those who wish to pursue any topic further.  Musicians tend only to pay attention to the space around them in order to complain about acoustics, lighting, or a lack of outlets. 

Well, the visual and the aural are not mutually exclusive. Their interplay in liturgy is the highest form of art and drama.  So why not add this dimension to your considerations?

It’s also fun to read!

While there is an archive of older articles, I encourage you to shell out the modest subscription price – that keeps the advertisers happy, encourages the editors, and, like it or not, shows that you think this is important.  At $9.95/year, it’s cheaper than lunch.