Tired of Fluff? Read This Instead: My Way of Life

My way of life This book, published by the Confraternity of the Precious Blood in 1952, is "the Summa Simplified."  The authors, Fathers Farrell and Healey, walk the reader through the splendid landscape of Aquinas' summing up of Catholic theology.  It's readable, enlightening, pocket-sized, and gives you 630 pages of meaty reading for a mere $8.50.

In the introduction, it says:

"While primarily meant for everyman, it is profound enough for the most erudite.  Hence it can be readily recommended to father and mother, sister and brother, to the high-school and college student, to the convert, the study and Newman Club, to the Confraternity class, to the religious and the priest, in a word, it can be recommended to everyone."

Now, you must fall into one of those categories, don't you? 

If you're looking for something beyond the gospel of self-improvement, community improvement, and departed loved ones in the Happy Hunting Ground, you'll love this book.  Read a paragraph every evening or a chapter every morning. You won't become as smart as St. Thomas Aquinas, but you'll certainly wish you were.   

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