Turn off TV Week

A week dear to my heart – the 10th annual TV-Turnoff Week begins tomorrow, April 19th. While I doubt that this is an issue for very many of the visitors to this blog, if you know people to whom this concept is unthinkable, check out the TV Turnoff Network for ideas.

OK, I do watch TV at the gym while I’m grinding away on exercise equipment – favoring Turner Classic Movies, the History Channel, and the Outdoor Life Network where they’re always hunting something. Even though this is clearly “intellectually improving” television, I promise not to watch during the next week. I’ll listen to CDs, gather my thoughts, and watch the men’s pickup basketball games.

I promise not to peer at the Golf Channel, learn handy (if you’re an art major) decorating tips at HGTV, or drool at the Food Channel.

Actually, there were several years in my life when I watched absolutely no television. However, since everywhere I worked everyone else wasted their entire evenings in front of one, I was kept perfectly up-to-date on sitcoms, dramas, and specials – and I had no cable bill.

Now I have mid-level cable because the only channel we get without it is ABC – and Peter Jennings drives me nuts.

Enjoy a TV-free week – go for a walk after dinner.

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