Wedding Thoughts

Medieval-wedding It's been a great wedding season on the First Coast!  Harp, organ, and a few harp plus organ weddings in Jacksonville and St. Augustine.  Watching armies of attendants and coping with music choices, I've come to two conclusions:

1.  Strapless dresses are great for runway models.  They know how to wear them and the dressed are literally glued and taped into place.  Bridesmaids spend a fair amount of time unconsciously tugging at their bodices.  It just kills the air of "chic" if it appears the wearer is worried that her dress will fall down.  Put your maids in something with straps.

2. Most wedding prelude songs are unmemorable and too long.  An exception is one I played yesterday: "Jesus, Stand Beside Them" by Austin Lovelace. Pleasant tune, only two pages, a prayer, and not overwrought.  Available from Cokesbury Publishing.

Don't get me wrong.  I love playing weddings and working with the couples and mothers on music selections.  There is something wonderful about the optimism of the couples, the parents' pride in their children, and the longing for everything to be beautiful that I so enjoy!

Mazel tov!   

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