Wedding Worries I Don’t Have – At Least Not Today

Medieval-wedding Well, at least no one's asked for this:

I am playing for an outdoor wedding (and reception) on the Fall Equinox, Renaissance theme, to be officiated by a High Priestess.  Anyone have music recommendations?

But I've had some other interesting requests.  Coming up soon, a recessional that combines Anchors Aweigh and Navy Blue and Gold.

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About Mary Jane Ballou

Mary Jane Ballou’s life in sacred music began in a children’s choir at the age of three. Instrumental music waited until her piano lessons started in primary school. And her music life remains a joyous pairing of sacred vocal music and the instrumental repertoire of Spain, Ireland, and Scotland.

5 thoughts on “Wedding Worries I Don’t Have – At Least Not Today

  1. JDE

    “Night on Bald Mountain,” Loewe’s “Der Zauberlehrling,” last movement of Symphonie Fantastique, Loewe’s Totentanz . . . the list goes on and on.

  2. JDE

    And if they are having a “Renaissance Theme,” I trust they’ll be realistic when the Dominicans show up with the wood and the torches. Or if Sir Bedivere shows up with a duck.

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